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Senior Pastor

Pastor George Yurick was born in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1966. He was blessed to have been raised in a Christian home and made a profession of faith at the age of five. Much of his life, though centered in church and a Christian upbringing, was more of a going through the motions rather than a genuine conversion. After a four year stint in the Marine Corps, Pastor Yurick returned to Philadelphia and a going through the motions mentality. It wasn't until 1991, at the age of twenty-five, that he came to a realization that his going through the motions was really a lost condition.

Pastor Yurick was genuinely saved in the fall of 1991. Soon after his conversion, he began a committed involvement in church. In 1996, he married his wife Lizel and in 2001, they welcomed a daughter, Arabelle and in 2004, a son named Jaiden. Pastor Yurick gained valuable experience for the pastorate at the local church level where he served as a Sunday school teacher, van driver, bus worker and eventually a deacon, an office he held for five years until God called him to pastor Faith Baptist Church in Millville, NJ.


In August 2009, God laid upon Pastor Yurick's heart to start a church in Blackwood, NJ. This church would become the New Birth Bible Baptist Church. In May of 2014 a merger took place between New Birth Bible Baptist Church and Lighthouse Baptist Church, uniting the two congregations into one under the recommendation of Pastor Jim Doster of Lighthouse Baptist Church. In 2022 Lighthouse Baptist Church merged with Calvary Baptist Church of West Collingswood Heights. We look forward to whatever time the Lord gives us to continue seeking souls and building up the saints for the work of the ministry.

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